Best Prime Day Apple Deals 2022: What to expect in July

Prime Day is nearly here and we're expecting to see plenty of Prime Day Apple deals including MacBooks, AirPods, iPads, and more.

Best Prime Day Apple Deals 2022: What to expect in July

Prime Day is nearly upon us, and we’re expecting to see some fantastic Prime Day Apple deals soon. Amazon recently confirmed the Prime Day 2022 dates to be July 12 and July 13, so there’s not long to go until the biggest sales event of the year outside of Black Friday.

If you’re been eyeing Apple deals for a while, this is the time to treat yourself to anything from AirPods, an iPad, Apple Watch, or even a new MacBook. Read on while we take you through everything you need to know about the Prime Day Apple deals coming up so you’ll know what to look for, when the best deals will be, and what to expect.

When do the Prime Day Apple deals start?

We’re counting on seeing plenty of Prime Day deals between now and Prime Day itself. While Prime Day happens on July 12 and July 13, Amazon has also confirmed there will be some early Prime Day deals to get you in the mood for the huge sales event itself. That means that we could see some great Prime Day Apple deals any time from now until Prime Day itself.

Don’t rely solely on Amazon for the best Apple deals, either. While Prime Day is an exclusive event for Amazon Prime customers (so you’ll need a Prime membership), many other retailers get in on the action. Basically, that means that late June to mid July is going to be a good time for you to find the best Apple sales around. That’s if you’re willing to search around for it, or simply check back here for all the latest updates.

Where are the best Prime Day Apple deals?

In theory, the best Prime Day Apple deals will be at Amazon. That’s pretty likely as Amazon tends to keenly offer great price cuts on Apple deals all year around. It’s often the best place to find everything from iPads to Apple Watches and AirPods on sale. Amazon tends to focus on discounting highly sought-after technology, and Apple devices are a huge seller thanks to their popularity.

While we don’t have confirmation of the exact Prime Day Apple deals going on, we’re expecting to see items like the standard iPad and AirPods Pro on sale because they’re always so popular. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a few MacBooks and high-end iPads like the iPad Pro on sale too.

So, Amazon is the place to go, right? Not exactly. Other retailers also often have their own form of Prime Day sales to coincide with the official one. That means it’s worth checking out the likes of Best Buy and Walmart, as both companies tend to price match or even best what Amazon offers. Even better, you don’t need to be a Prime member to access these discounts. Plus, in many cases, you’ll be able to head to your local store to collect your online purchase.

It might seem logical that Apple is the place to go for Apple deals, but that’s rarely the case. Apple doesn’t tend to host many sales of its own, and we can’t see that changing for Prime Day. It may be worth checking out Apple in case it has a great trade-in offer or some kind of voucher scheme, but in terms of straight-up discounts, you’ll want to stick with Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

An outside shot if you want to get the most opportunities is to look at somewhere like B&H Photo or Staples. Sometimes, you may get the odd Apple deal going on there, but if you’re short on time, don’t sweat it. Focus on the big three and our regular updates to keep you informed.

Should you buy an Apple device on Prime Day 2022?

Knowing whether you should buy an Apple device on Prime Day 2022 is a personal thing. No Apple devices are particularly cheap, so we’re not talking impulse purchase territory. Instead, it’s useful to think about whether you actually need one. For instance, what are you looking to buy?

If you’re thinking about picking up one of the best iPads around, do your research and read up on which one is best for you. With plenty of options, there’s an iPad for every situation, and it’s important that you don’t spend too much or too little on something that is inappropriate for your needs.

The same goes even more so when checking out the best MacBooks. The price varies hugely depending on if you’re buying a souped-up 16-inch MacBook Pro or looking for an entry-level MacBook Air. It’s also important to keep an eye on if you’re buying the latest model or something older, and whether that suits the purpose you have in mind.

When it comes to the Apple Watch, focus on either the Apple Watch Series 7 or Apple Watch SE depending on your budget. The Apple Watch Series 3 is slowly being retired so it may not be ideal for how you plan on using it. However, if money is tight, it could be a good way of getting a smartwatch without spending a lot.

For Apple AirPods, consider if you need active noise cancellation or not as only the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max offer that functionality. The latter are over-ear headphones rather than in-ear headphones, so that could make a difference. It all depends on how you plan on using the AirPods, such as if you’re looking to boost your home cinema experience or you want a pair for running or working out with.

Once you’ve figured all that out, Prime Day is a great time to buy new Apple devices. It tends to be on a par with Black Friday and Cyber Monday when it comes to deep discounts on sought-after technology and gadgets, so you’re sure to see some of the best Apple deals of the year when you buy as part of Prime Day 2022. Don’t be afraid to check out other retailers besides Amazon, too, as Best Buy and Walmart are also likely to offer some good deals.

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